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medicine cabinet nickel

medicine cabinet nickel

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A good bathroom should be filled with medicine cabinets above its vanity. This multifunction box will hold everything from bathroom essentials, daily medicine, and the like. Grouping somewhat the little things in a single unit container will ease you to grab them in minutes when you are in needs. However, sometimes, people do not really know about the best cabinet as what they see is just the design or the price tags. That’s why this post will give the 4 best selling cabinet medicine as your guidance.

4 Best to Buy Medicine Cabinets

The first best product is Kohler K-2967 BR1 aluminum. Once we look at this cabinet, the first thought might be a pretty thing to prettify the bathroom wall. It comes with oil rubbed bronze finish added with framed mirror on its front. Thanks for making this dark brown colored piece from the best aluminum called as Anodized so that this cabinet will not rot easily. Want to take these medicine cabinets home? Just take your saving for about $144.92. Elegant home fashion chesterfield collections with espresso finish becomes the next best cabinetry for saving medicine to look at. Many people buying this medicine organizer say that this piece is able to load all things inside without compromising about the exterior style. It has big mirror with striking frame around so that it will be a focal point in your dry bathroom area. And, due to its friendly budget, these medicine cabinets surprise anyone who craves for modern accessories in their bathroom. Sometimes, simple thing means more in each aspect. Pegasus SP4610 Deco 30 inch high just prove it! Coming with simple and minimalist look, this cabinet will be a blast in your modern and contemporary bathroom design. The glass shelving is also adjustable so that these medicine cabinets will fit to the home owners needs perfectly. It is also completed with espresso finish so that it looks nothing but elegant in all side. If you want to have this, be ready to prepare for about $ 184.84. The last four best medicine cabinets come still in similar brand, Pegasus. Come in pure white, this cabinet looks so pure and cute. That’s why; it is perfect to be placed in every room in your house such as bathroom, hallway, kitchen, and the like. Mirrors are big concern in this piece as they are placed both inside and outside. It is made from metal and the hinges will make it a great cabinet to have. Just by getting small push, these modern medicine cabinets will just directly close by itself. The price is about $ $153, 20. So, readers, does your bathroom come with one of those cabinetries?