Ultimate Tips to Replacing Your Door Handles with No Fail

There are many small things you can do to give instant change of look inside your home. You may want to refresh the appearance of the interior door. If this is what you are interested in doing, you can simply replace the door hardware, such as the door handles. To replace the internal door handles, whether they are the door handles with locks or without, we have some useful tips to help you in replacing the knobs or handles while preventing you from common mistakes from doing so.

If you have spotted several door handles are broken or getting loose, you surely need to replace them as soon as possible. At a glance they may appear like no big deal at all… until you find yourself locked either inside a room or outside your home. Apart from that, loose door knobs or handles can make wear patterns to the door frames or moldings.

As you update the door handles, do not hesitate to choose ones with interesting or even sophisticated, ornate details which will add accent to your home decoration. It is also true even if you only repaint the room or home interior, since your current door knobs may have appearance that does not fit the new interior color scheme. However, it does not mean the old knobs or handles should be thrown right away. Instead, use them in places like basement door or garage that are generally out of sight.

If your family has children, you may want to consider updating the door handles to make your home child-friendly. Some door knobs or handles are hard to be used by children, which may be a bit troublesome. It is also true if your little children have grown up and they can use the door themselves, especially the bathroom door so the potty lesson can go smoothly.

For the door handles that are designed with locks, you need to avoid yourself from making a common mistake: putting the door lock on the wrong side of the door. Thus, before you attach any bolts, you can test first by previewing the end result of the work by placing the knob in desired place. Well, speaking of bolts, you surely need to check if the bolts move both in and out properly as you turn the handle or knob. It is also important to check if the door can latch and close properly by installing bolts in the right way and the right spots.

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