Perfect Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Installation that You Should Know

The Flush mount ceiling fan or called also as hugger fans are the usual fan design to set at homes and business. It will be set on the height of eight feel from the floor in dept, or it can be lower. To know how this fan will work, you must know first how to install them perfectly. This is kind of outstanding fan design to pick in some neutral color. The white flush mount ceiling fan with light can be one of the styles.

Following Steps to Install Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

We will start installing the fan by placing the mount bracket into its ceiling box. Then, secure it using included screws and also washers. You need to place the motor of Flush mount ceiling fan onto mount bracket and then wire up hem up to corresponding wires. It is done from ceiling space. In this set, you must secure them using included screws together. Placing the motor of flush mount ceiling fan bracket will also cover the space over fan assembly. This is a try to secure the fan within included screws, too.

For the fourth step, just select the fan blade side that you want to show for ground. You need securing every blade included the grommets, washers, and screws. After selecting the fan blades of Flush mount ceiling fan secure once again the blade bracket to fan motor that include the screws assembly. If you don’t use any light kits, or if they don’t include one, you can wire that fan wire to other ceiling fan wires. But, you must also secure them using wire nuts.

But, if using included light for the Flush mount ceiling fan, you need to wire that light kit wire to fan wire and then secure them using wire nuts. Well, if you use the light kit included or when you buy one, you can secure that glass side of the light blade or shade to include the thumbscrew. And the last step about the flush mount ceiling fan installation is by placing the fan pull chain pendant to the fan, it is done by snapping the chains to its pull chains.

Considering the ceiling fan in flush mount is a good idea. You can take them for the both low and high ceiling concept. To acquire how to set the fan, we come with some steps installing the fan without going to some expert. You will see how the Flush mount ceiling fan will be predicted fan design for simplicity.

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