Vault Door Smart Tips for Smart Family

There are many doors that can be installed for your home. One of them is the vault door. Now, people want to combine things at home by buying vault door. There are some considerations and pros and cons in having the door at home. If you are still looking for the best door for your […]

Accordion Door Installation

When people are asked about an ideal house, they tend to choose a large house that can load many items and much furniture. Besides, the design is good and modern or classics. There are many doors that can be your choice in completing the house. The one that you can choose is the accordion door. […]

Safe Tips on Buying Door Pulls

Cabinets and shelves are common things in many houses. Even in your house, you might have this furniture, even only one unit. In the cabinets, there are doors that usually exist in every product. They are door pulls. These doors function as the way to open and close the cabinet by sliding or pulling and […]

How To DIY Install Door Awnings

Decorating a house will not find its end. The door awnings are the option for you to put something in front of your house. This is used to protect the entrance door from many things. Besides, this kind of door can help you to decrease or reduce the energy bills by using the door. Of […]

Steps by Steps to Install Cabinet Door

A cabinet is furniture that always exists in every house. No matter how small or large your house is or how rich and poor you are, cabinets are needed by many families. Usually, they use the cabinets as storage for home items. In the cabinet, there you can find the cabinet door. The cabinet door […]
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Simply About Sliding Glass Door Blinds

As the time goes by, the innovation in home furniture is increasing. Many people, factories, and brands develop the furniture designs that they have to get more choices for the customers. One of them is the sliding glass door blinds. When we hear sliding doors, people are not surprised anymore because it has been used […]

Door Stops Designs Ideas to Choose

Door is an important part of your home design. Sometimes when you or other family members are in hurry and open the door too strong, the door will hit the wall. And it can make the door or the wall cracked or scratched. This is not good for your beautiful door or wall design. The […]

Elegant and Exotic Glass Door Knobs for Modern Door

Each home design comes with different interior and exterior design. And a door can be your interior and exterior expression depending on where you install it. If you install it for the inside, you can say that it can express your interior design. When you install it as your front door or patio door, you […]

Antique and Unique Door Knockers

Although modern home today has a door that is installed with an electric bell, the presence of door knockers today is still loved by many homeowners. Even, they who have modern home also want to decorate their front door with these knockers. And although these knockers have a long history since centuries ago, they are […]

How to Keep Your Glass Shower Door in Good Condition All the Time

You take shower in your shower room. Minutes later, you are out of your bathroom, feeling and looking clean and fresh. What about your glass shower door? Hmm, it is not likely looking clean or fresh. Whether it is the frameless shower door or the sliding shower door, you need to ensure the glass door […]