Calculating Roof Pitch Rightly

In building construction as well as your home building plan, roof pitch or angle should be calculated rightly. And the pitch or the angle of each home may come with different model. If you know the roof pitch formula you can go with any model or design of the pitch of your home roof. If […]

How to Install Roof Vents in Your Own House

Roof Vents are needed to be installed in every house. Well, it can be the way for air circulation in your house. On the other hand, it also will help room to get the natural lighting. How to install your roof with vents are not easy. However, you can find the way in some steps. […]

Building Gambrel Roof for Unique House

As we know, roof is part of a house. They come in many styles and shapes roof design. Meanwhile, Gambrel Roof is usually designed for barns. However, we can use it also if you want to get the unique roof in your house. Beside the unique shape, roof in gambrel style also increased the storage […]
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DIY Guide to Install Standing Seam Metal Roof

Based on Fabral’s Nailing Strip Standing Seam Metal Roof system, we get some tips how to install the metal roof. Well, actually it is better for you to find out the tutorial online with pictures to know well the steps how to install it perfectly. Then, you can find a lot of ideas how to […]

Inspiring Wood Bookcases for Minimalist Room

Having minimalist room sometimes becomes little bit trouble in arranging furniture inside. Whereas, there are many things that we can do to make minimalist room more comfortable with furniture that you have. Wood Bookcases in minimalist design is for sure what the minimalist room needs. The most important thing that you need to think before […]

Exciting Custom Bookshelves for Your Special Reading Room

Are you a book collector? Don’t you know that if you have a room which is filled by a lot of books inside will make you look so smart? Well, if you had a lot of books, then we can say who you are. Wait, where did you save your book? It is in cupboard? […]
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Modern Bookshelves for Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist modern bookshelves can be considered when you want to arrange your minimalist home in order to be nice looking. Bookshelves can be said as the important furniture for minimalist house which the owner loves reading book and make books as his collections. So, what kind of nice bookshelves which are very good for minimalist […]

Unique Bookshelves for Home Properties, Unique and Extraordinary

There are types of unique bookshelves present in the world as options for those whose artistic shapes are primary life aspect. Well, since there are many bookshelves, as many as people can imagine, then here I’d like to discuss more about philosophy lingering on each design. If you are person with plain life and has […]

Tall Bookshelves as Unique Object People Should Have

Tall bookshelves are typical space to put books in which its shape is specified in measurement. It has longer in size compared to its width. But that’s not the point. Every measurement, for bookshelves are fine as long as it can accommodate as many as books people possess. Here, the main idea of building tall […]

Describing Wall bookshelves Exist at Home as Outstanding Decoration

Wall bookshelves are another home decoration in which the presence may influence the will of reading. It does not have simple shape but any kind of unique arrangements could possibly promote interior design to be more outstanding. For home purpose, there is specific shape whereas home does not always possess any library to specifically accommodate […]