Key Elements of Pocket Door Hardware for Functional Fixture

In all kinds of rooms, even for a small one, the pocket doors appear to be totally intriguing and space efficient solution. However, do you know that the secret behind its success is mostly due to the pocket door hardware? In general, designing pocket for any type of architectural design is considerably easy. On the other hand, when it comes to the choice of hardware, it requires more thorough and detailed process.

Varieties of Pocket Door Hardware You Need to Consider

Starting from the pocket door track, you will find how essential this pocket door hardware is. There are various pocket door track types you will find commonly use. They are ceiling track, floor track, multi-pass slider that is consisted of both floor and ceiling track, and bi-parting pocket track. Proper choice and installation of track will ensure the pocket door rollers can help the door rolling smoothly when it is in use.

The different choices between pocket door track types depend on the use and material used for the pocket door. Ceiling track for pocket door hardware is common as the door is often installed and hung on top. The use of floor track, on the other hand, to lower the weight the top of the pocket door system must handle as it doesn’t have to bear the door weight. If you consider multi-pas slider, though, you may need to add extra hardware to help keeping the door in place. As for the bi-parting pocket track, you will want to find a way to center the door and keep it from falling.

Another pocket door hardware you will find totally essential for smoothly functioned one is the door pull. There are many types of pocket door hardware pulls you can find, such as circular pulls, rectangular pulls, and bar pulls. You can use the pocket door pulls as a mean to add style statement into the room without sacrificing the main function. However, it goes without saying that the pocket door hardware pulls need to be easy to use so they would not obstruct your activities.

If you are after the unique pocket door hardware, especially the door pull, you can consider ordering the custom one to install and use. It is also recommended if you cannot find one among the rectangular, circular, or bar pulls you like the most. Alternatively, what about going simple with no-pull pocket door instead?

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