How to Find the Right Cabinet Hinges for Your Cabinetry?

When it comes to choose the best cabinet hinges due to some reasons, you will find the surprising fact that the hinges are limitless. They come in various designs as well as types so that you might ask yourself about which part is the best among the others. Well, if you are doing the makeover for the cabinets, while at the same time still clueless with the type of hinges, then here we are coming to explain about several cabinet hardware buying tips. Check them out!

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Cabinet Hinges

Knowing the type of cabinet is a good starting point for you in deciding the best hinges. Typically, there are two types of cabinet types including frame and frameless. Framed cabinet comes with additional frame on the front surface so the hinges will be attached inside the frame. On contrast, the frameless types come with simple wooden box so that the cabinet hinges will be placed on its side pieces. Look at your cabinet now and decide whether it is frameless or not.

Next, consider about the type of door overlay. Overlay means the bridge between the door and cabinet opening. The different the type of cabinet, the different the type of cabinet hinges will be. For framed cabinets, the doors are categorized in three different types including overlay, full inset, and partial. Overlay door comes with larger surface while the inset door will fit to the opening, and partial door fits to the opening and the overlays. On contrast, frameless cabinets are divided into three categories including full, half, and inset. Cabinet hinges have its own characteristics based on the overlay.

The third thing to consider is about the look of the hinges. There are some hinges that are used to add visual interest while there are some types which are set in hidden way so it won’t distract the whole look of cabinetry. In this point, there will be three types of cabinet hinges: concealed, semi concealed, and exposed. Concealed type comes with non visible profile and is perfect for any modern setting. Semi concealed will be visible once the door is closed. Last, exposed type will be fully visible anytime!

And in order to get the matching hinges, always bear in your mind to pick the one made from the similar metal with hardware in the cabinetry. Metal options are brass, nickel, bronze, and copper. Brass is perfect for antique style while nickel will work for modern look. Bronze and copper might be a decorative piece as they have unique hues. So, before deciding what cabinet hinges to buy, please know the types of cabinet, overlay, and also the finish!

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