How To DIY Install Door Awnings

Decorating a house will not find its end. The door awnings are the option for you to put something in front of your house. This is used to protect the entrance door from many things. Besides, this kind of door can help you to decrease or reduce the energy bills by using the door. Of course, your home value will be increasing if you apply this door. You can install the door by yourself. If you don’t know yet the methods, you can read these door awnings installation steps.

How to Install Door Awnings

Before you work on door awnings, you need to prepare the door awning materials. There are some items that you should prepare because you will need them in the process. You have to prepare the wood screws, heavy thread, fabric pen, measuring tape, marine fabric, electric screwdriver, aluminum rods, large sewing needle, 2×2 and 2×4 lumber, and even the note of the tips if you need it. After that, you can try out these steps below.

The very first step to do the installation for door awnings is to do the measurement of the door. You need to measure to make sure whether the space in your door can fit the door you buy from the stores. Door awnings measurement should be six inches shorter than the awning itself. You can measure with the fabric pen to see the best result for the measurement. The extra inches are used to give the overhang in the front of the door.

Then, when you have done with the measurement, you can cut the fabric. Using the fabric pen, you can give marking on the fabric. Then, you can cut out the fabric with the sketch you have there. You can place the fabric upside down and cut the sketch of door awnings upside down also. The printed or sketched part of the fabric has to face one another. The next thing is to work with the needle and the heavy thread. You can sew a large hole or pocket.

So, have you done with the cutting and sewing up the pocket? Then the next thing you need to do with the door awnings is to hide or reveal the pocket seam of the fabric. Again, you can use the fabric pen to sketch another line on the front part of the fabric you have. The mark you have made is to ease you on the awning frame.

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