Everything about the Varieties of Decorative Ceiling Tiles You Have to Know

If you plan to upgrade your home interior design, consider installing decorative ceiling tiles to improve the appearance of each room in such a beautifully unexpected way. Starting from the ceiling design style, such as the decorative drop ceiling tiles, to the choice of material, including the decorative plastic ceiling tiles, there are many options you can explore for ceiling tiles to decorate your home interior. Today, we will briefly feature some decorative ceiling tile types.

Types of Decorative Ceiling Tiles

For those who are tight on budget, decorative ceiling tiles made from plastic are highly recommended. Plastic ceiling tiles are available in great selections you can explore, thus you can make your decision based on your personal taste. Even though they are made from plastic, plastic ceiling tiles are designed to be fire safe. You can also find the plastic tiles for ceiling are matched with metallic finishes to give an impression of embossed tin ceiling tiles. Usually, they are made from molded plastic with crown molding-alike borders or ornate flower pattern. Despite the inexpensive price, plastic ceiling tiles provide good insulation.

The next one is the genuine tin decorative ceiling tiles. Unlike plastic ceiling tiles, the genuine tin ones are commonly quite expensive. They are indeed beautiful, especially since the genuine tin ceiling tiles can provide shiny look to your ceiling. Unfortunately, tin tiles can be hard to cut so you require proper tools in doing so. Steel, brass, and copper are ones of the most commonly used main material for genuine tin ceiling tiles.

If you are looking for the green and environmentally friendly options, consider the cork decorative ceiling tiles instead. They are not only eco-friendly, but also easy to install. Either waxed or un-waxed options are available with different characteristics. Waxed cork ceiling tiles have the color and texture of cork while giving the tiles gorgeous shine. On the other hand, un-waxed cork tiles have ability to add elegance to your ceiling space. Cork ceiling tiles are also great choice to provide good insulation for the room.

Last but not least, we have acoustical decorative ceiling tiles that can help you reducing the noise. It is mostly due to the sound absorbent properties they possess. Spun mineral fiber, in addition to fiberglass mixed with starch, is the main material of reliable acoustic ceiling tiles. However, wood is not recommended material for sound absorbent ceiling tiles as it may not be suitable for a humid room.

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