Describing Wall bookshelves Exist at Home as Outstanding Decoration

Wall bookshelves are another home decoration in which the presence may influence the will of reading. It does not have simple shape but any kind of unique arrangements could possibly promote interior design to be more outstanding. For home purpose, there is specific shape whereas home does not always possess any library to specifically accommodate people’s leisure time to read. But, somehow, the existence of wall bookshelves at home, at any room may encourage people to –at least- pick a book from. Furthermore, visitor may admire on how the arrangement and design could take representative of home’s occupant by their habit and artistic objective in the same time.

Arrange Wall Bookshelves for Home Purpose

In this article, we are going to specify discussing about book arrangement on wall bookshelves. Since wall bookshelves are unique thing and people has their own imagination on how it looks like, the aspect of tidiness will be emphasized strongly here. First thing to consider when you want make your book in good shape on wall is by grouping books based on its size. Of course, there will be books with bigger size than others. You only need to put them in the same size, the big, and the small.

Second, make the position vary. In large group of books collection, you must possess encyclopedias in miscellaneous types. One group of encyclopedias may occupy vertical position at second level of wall bookshelves. Meanwhile others may take place in other row, lay down vertically. It will be applied as well for other books’ group. You can line them up –as long as the space is necessary- in other row with vertical or horizontal line. It’s all up to you placing any kind of arrangement in wall bookshelves.

Third, find your own pattern of wall bookshelves. As it is mentioned that your books must vary in shape, thickness, and length, then making your own arrangement pattern is good choice. You can even put them on random line by ignoring size, or you can carefully select the size with gradation consideration to make the cover’s color closely similar. Putting it just the way they lay is also an option deserves to try. Technically, there is no strict rule on how wall bookshelves display looks like.

Fourth, loosen your attention on books only, wall bookshelves ideas need more than it. In this step, you can put additional ornaments. Put some objects such as landmark miniature of small framed photographs on shelves row to give different sensation. Try to choose those with bright color to add contrast. If your son have character figure, allow them to put some in order to decorate wall bookshelves.

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