Beautiful Dutch Door for Child and Pet-Friendly Home

Have you ever considering installing Dutch door to your home? This door has many benefits you can enjoy, especially if your family has children or pets. Either it is the Dutch door with screen or without you want to install, you will find the door can be both open and protective at the same time. If it is your first time considering the use of this door, you may want to read our article to find out more about this beautiful and practical door.

The Dutch door, as you can see, is designed with two different horizontal parts. The bottom half usually remains closed while the top half opens. Whether you use the exterior or interior Dutch door, you will find both halves serve as one acting as a solid door even though the connecting hardware is installed locked. Even though the door is commonly associated with farmhouse design style, it does not mean the door cannot be suitable choice for modern home especially if you want to add unique detail into the room.

Here are the benefits from installing Dutch door to your home. Just like what a screen door can do, the door can keep your pets and/or small children getting outside the home. However, unlike a solid door, the upper half of the door that is left open still brings in the warm sunlight and breezy wind if necessary. For interior door, you can also consider the use of the door for, let’s say, your kid’s bedroom so you can keep your little child under your watch without having you to stay in the room. Thus, it can be used as an alternative to baby gate.

The varieties of Dutch door design, however, mainly depend on the choice of material. The panel designs can give differences to the door as well. You can also ask for custom door design which height of the dividing break can be adjusted based on your needs. For example, as a replacement for baby gate, you may want the dividing break to be right at the half of the door height as a whole. For your kitchen door, you may want the dividing break higher.

To make the Dutch door truly lovable, you can steal the looks from various home designs featuring the use of the door either for interior or exterior use. For example, leave the door beautifully in rustic design by allowing the wooden texture exposed. Alternatively, add color by painting the door in contrasting hue compared to either your home exterior or interior wall color choice.

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