Awesome Ceiling Light Covers to Fix Your Unattractive Ceiling Light Fixture

Ceiling is generally often overlooked when it comes to decorating or even remodeling home interior. That is why you may not realize how unattractive your ceiling light fixtures are. However, do you know that you can enjoy a significant change and transformation once you treat your ceiling right? If you finally realize how unappealing your ceiling light fixtures are, these ceiling light covers will be recommended choice to make your ceiling instantly more attractive.

Types of Ceiling Light Covers

It does not require you to splurge to transform the appearance of your ceiling space. You can simply use cloth as ceiling light covers. You can simply affix any beautiful fabric you like to your ceiling by using glue, two-sided tape, thumb tacks, or even Velcro. Just be sure that you get creative in doing so! For instance, what about running long fabric to create canopy-like impression? The choice of fabric varies to, as you can use handkerchief or scarf. However, you need to ensure the cloth is hung few inches from the light bulb to avoid any hazardous heat.

The drum shade is also recommended choice for ceiling light covers. Adding drum shade will help you even to reduce harsh light by adding fabric to the bottom so you can diffuse the light. You can even look up tutorials for DIY ceiling light shades made from fabrics in any color you like if you do not feel like you want to buy a new one. Alternatively, what about going totally creative by repurposing old musical drums instead? Old wicker basket can be a great substitution for drum shade too.

Another way you can do to be totally creative in providing the ceiling light bulb covers is by using small umbrella. If you have a broken and unused child-size umbrella still in the mudroom, you can repurpose it rather than buying a new one. Open the umbrella then remove the rod while keeping the umbrella remains open. You can use screws to ensure one of creatively made ceiling light covers here open.

However, before you get too excited in creating DIY ceiling light covers, you may need to check the type of light bulb you install. Each one of them has various heat output levels you will need to know. This way, you can prevent the risk of damaging or hazardous heat which may end up in any unwanted event or accident.

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