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hoosier cabinet metal

hoosier cabinet metal

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Don’t call yourself antique lovers once you are still clueless about Hoosier cabinets! This so yesterday piece was so phenomenal at about 20th century. Hoosier is a big bulky cabinet with 4 doors both on above and the bottom parts. It was produced by Hoosier manufacturer, Indiana. There are so many special things offered by these cabinets. For example, it is completed with flour sifter so that it eases any housewife’s’ task in getting a good quality of flour. Till the writer writes this post, many people are still interested to place this antique Hoosier cabinet into their kitchen.

Several Things Making Hoosier Cabinet Still Exist Till Now

It has awesome multifunction inside. Perhaps, from the first sight, it is like regular cupboards. But, in fact, it is more than what you thought. They have vast storages inside to store cookie jar, spices, and utensils as well as it comes with additional workable parts like meat grinder, flour sifter, rotating carousels, and even a fold-down boards for ironing. With the Hoosier cabinets complex functions, it seems like every kitchen job can be done here except cooking the food. Hoosier cabinets offer great accessories. Thanks to the manufacturers in Indiana for giving super complete accessories like stain removal tips, cooking tips, pyramid of healthy meals, and the like. Though they are something simple they are so helpful when you are in needs with the information. Even, some sources do state that there are some additional yet important Hoosier cabinets’ parts that are added to lessen the burden of cooks by giving timer cards for food. It is so unique. This old look cupboard still comes with its pretty facelift. The main material used in this cabinet is wood while the worktops are covered with three options; wood, porcelain, and zinc. Porcelain is the most popular covering material used in Hoosier cabinets as it is easy and practice to clean. The presence of natural materials as wood in this piece will enable you in doing the makeover. Last, though most Hoosier cabinets are made for antique, vintage, and all oldies style, it doesn’t mean that it will not work in any modern styles too. Think to add glass surface on its front parts and sweep a bright white hue among its side and you will get a futuristic look on the vintage styled furniture like this. However, if you are about finding the Hoosier cabinets for sale, it might be a bit hard. Go on garage sale or flea market and antique store might be the best bet.